Research Projects


Sr. No. Name of the Principal Investigator Title of the Project Duration Funded Agency Funding Amount (Rs.) Status: Completed/


1 Dr. N.P. Nikam Thermodynamics and

transport properties of

electrolyte solution at

different temperature.

2012-2014 BCUD 160000.00 completed
2 Dr. Y.R. Baste Synthesis ,Characterization and

Application of Mixed

Transition Metal Oxide


2008-2010 BCUD 100000.00 completed
Green Chemistry Approach to

Synthesis of Mixed Noble Metal

Oxide and their Application as

Photocatalyst and Gas Sensor

2009-2011 UGC 175000.00 completed
Synthesis and Characterization of

ATa 2 O 6 Oxide (Where A= Cu, Zn,

Pb) for catalytic application

2014-2016 BCUD 200000.00 completed
3. Smt. Dr. S.V.Thakare Isolation of Saponin from

Datura Stramonium Plant

& its in silicon Protein

Ligand Interaction

2013-2015 BCUD 160000.00 completed
4 Smt.R.B. Deshmukh Synthesis and antifungal

activity of novel

imidazole and triazole


2019-2021 BCUD 200000/- Ongoing