The Alumni Association:

  • Promotes sharing of experiences and knowledge among the various stakeholder
  • Involves in student development through participation in academic activities including research, workshops and placements. Hence, helps in creating opportunities for the students.
  • Provides valuable feedback that helps in providing enriching insights in various areas of the institution.
  • Strives to create a platform where the students help the institution to have a state, national and global platform.
  • In order to encourage a warm relationship, the college communicates with the members of the Alumni through various email groups and social networking sites such as WhatsApp, Facebook.

The Alumni Association in collaboration with college conducts following activities on regular basis:

  • Organises social, educational and networking events at the institute level.
  • Motivates students for self-employment.
  • Encourage students for becoming entrepreneur.
  • Provides continuing educational enrichment experience for alumni and students.
  • Undertakes activities contributing to improvement of infrastructure and academic activities in the institution.
  • Helps the students to look upon the alumni to become a responsible citizen and good human being.
  • Conduct various activities that help in the career and competitive examination guidance to the students.
  • Helps to fulfil the Institution’s social responsibility by conducting various donation activities for the welfare of the students and the community
  • Conducts periodical meetings for fulfilling the various objectives of the alumni association.