Introduction about the Department of Chemistry

The science of chemistry goes a great way to build a sound national economy by proper utilization of natural resources of a country which now form the integral parts of modern life. Chemistry has contributed much to improve the life of human beings. Life is made of chemicals and without chemicals we can’t breathe, eat and show activity in society. This department was established in 1993 to impart knowledge in chemical sciences at the undergraduate level. The department has two year M.Sc. Chemistry started in the academic year 2009-10 with specialization in Organic Chemistry. The faculties of the department are actively engaged in research specially in Organic Chemistry, Material Science, Physical Chemistry and Environmental chemistry. The department has spacious and well-equipped laboratory for conducting undergraduate and postgraduate practical courses. This department is recognized as a research center by Savitribai Phule Pune University. The research centre of the department has motivated students to pursue research work in the emerging fields of chemistry. Almost all faculty members are publishing research papers in journal of national and international repute. Staff of the department has completed minor research projects funded by UGC and BCUD of Savitribai Phule Pune University. The activities of our department are focused on achieving the mission of producing successful chemists, entrepreneurs and professionals with academic knowledge and skills for contributing to the current scientific demand of society.

    Objectives of the department

  • To develop a basic knowledge and understanding of Chemistry.
  • To develop scientific attitude and scientific temperament among the student.
  • To understand the relationship of chemical substances, its properties, and their application in Industry and in life.
  • To develop laboratory skills in chemistry at Undergraduate and Post graduate levels.
  • To develop scientific values of inquiry, creativity, perseverance, honesty, tolerance, accuracy, respect among the student.