Objectives of the Soft Skill Development/ Jaykar Employability Programme

1) To encourage the all round development of students by focusing on soft skills

2) To make the students aware of the importance, the role and the content of soft skills.

3) To introduce students with life skills.


Code of Conduct

Jaykar Employability Programme has been started by Savitribai Phule Pune University in 2018-19 for enhancing soft skills an life

 skills of students specially from rural areas.


1) Third year Arts, Science, Commerce and Bvoc students are enrolled for the programme.

2) Prgramme focuses on developing entrepreneurship skills, life skills and soft skills of the student.

3) Programme is of total 60 hours among that 20 hours are for offline expert guidance and 40 hours for e-Learning.

4) Minimum 1 and maximum 2 expert lectures can be conducted per day and every lecture is of 2 hours.

5) E-learning portal and e-books are made avail for students by Savitribai Phule Pune University.

6) One batch can contain maximum 60 students among that 50% should be female students.

7) Maximum two batches can be conducted within one academic year.

8) Students will get certificate at the end of the programme.