Name  of the faculty Designation Qualification Total Experience Photo
1 Smt. Y.S.Phapale Librarian M.Com, M.Lib, SET 12 Years    
2 Shri. S.N.Kadam Library Clerk B.A., M.Lib, SET 26 Years
3 Smt. M.D.Harak Library Clerk B.A., M.Lib 1 Year  
4 Shri. S.P.Pawar Library Attendent S.S.C. 35 Years
5 Shri. A.V.Khadangale Library Attendent H.S.C. 27 Years
6 Shri G.R.Gadakh Library Attendent B.A, MS-CIT 23 Years
7 Shri. B.E.Rawale Library Peon B.A. 26 Years