Nashik City has always been remained a holy place for many centuries. It has been the great Buddhist Centre along with Hindu pilgrimage site.The great Satvahanas, chalukyas and Rastrakutas ruled this country. They contributed to cultural richness of Nashik which evidenced from Tri-Rashmi Buddhist caves and Chamar Jain caves. During Medieval period Mughal and Marathas ruled this area time to time. British took over Nashik from Marathas in 1818. During British period Nashik was great centre of social activities and political movement. It also produced many an authors of Marathi literature. After Independence Nashik changed its bearing and commerce and industry started with establishment of H.A.L. and currency note press. Ambad industrial area was established along with Satpur in the 70s..

With Industries in Ambad village, workers migrated in this area from all over Maharashtra and India. They needed shelter as well as education for their wards. So there was great demand from workers class to start college in thi area. That demand was fulfilled by our mother institution i.e Maratha Vidya Prasarak Samaj and started senior college in 1993.

Department of History was started with establishment of College in 1993. Department runs BA program. Then Faculty strove hard to bring the student in the college. Now this department has given good result in terms of placement as well as self employment. Many students of this department doing great job in the all walk of the life. Recently there are two faculties in the department. Both are Associate Professor and one is with PhD.

Objectives of the department:

1. To create sense of belongingness towards nation among students.

2. To develop the ability of rational thinking.

3. To inculcate good virtues and Moral Values.

4. Promote study of local history.