Research Publication


Sr. No Title of the paper Authors Journal Volume and Issue No Year of Publica-tion Level: National/




1 Virtualized Resource Management in Cloud Data Center: A Systematic Survey Smt. Archana S. Bachhav International Journal for Modern Trends in Science and Technology Vol 9

No. 3

2023 Internatinal ISSN 2455-3778
2 An Efficient Query Optimizer with Materialized Intermediate Views in Distributed and Cloud Environment Smt. Archana S. Bachhav Tehnicai Glassnik Technical Journal Vol 15,

No. 1

2021 International ISSN 1846-6168 (Print), ISSN 1848-5588 (Online)
3 Zoho Projects –online project Management using web 2.0 Smt V P Shewale International Journal of Advanced Research , ideas and innovations in technology Vol 5, Issue 1 2019 International ISSN 2454-132X
4 Formal and Natural Languages: The Difference Analysis Smt M N Sawant International Journal of Computer & Mathematical Sciences IJCMS Volume 7, Issue 5 May 2018 2018 International ISSN 2347 – 8527