Brief introduction about the department:

Graduation level classes (B.A.) are being conducted in Political Science Department. The Department of Political Science is working to provide the best educational opportunities to the students as well as to develop the ability to live in the competitive era. Every year, the students are welcomed with the spirit of developing knowledge and talent along with the subject matter in the department. In the department, it is trying to motivate the students to make teaching activity creative and develop new ideas. Programs such as group discussions, seminars, instantaneous speeches and writing work on the course are encouraged on various topics / points. The Political Department also emphasises that it is also necessary to understand the immediate national, international, regional and local type of political events.

Objectives of the department:

  • To impart training to the student in order to equip them academic and professional capability & develop among them analytical perspective.
  •  To encourage research in the social political issues at contribute to the discipline of Political Science.