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Sr. no Name of Class Name of the Subject In charge faculty Classrooms Link/code
1. F.Y.B.A. Compulsory English Ms.S.S. Aher yzdbxpo
2. F.Y.B.A. Compulsory English Ms.S.S. Aher 2zkqdf4
3. F.Y.B.A. Optional English Ms.S.S. Aher xee5rog
4 S.Y.B.A Compulsory English MS. S.S.Kendale ap3rm3a
5 S.Y.B.A Special English MS. S.S. Aher & Mrs.S. K. Aher J2d6kwl
6 T.Y.B.A Special English MS.S.S.Aher v24euyo
7 S.Y.B.A. English G-II Ms.A.A.Kadam 604ewz7
8 S.Y.B.A. Skill Enhancement Course Ms.A.A.Kadam 5qvb3pw
9 M.A. I 1.1Background to English Literature Ms.S.S.Kendale cfhrxab
10 M.A. I 1.2English Literature-1The Renaissance Period and the Neoclassical Period Ms.S. S. Kendale & Mrs.S.K. Aher bo6fdhh
11 M.A. I 1.3 Advanced Studies in English language MS.S.S. Aher bwf3v27
12 M.A. I 1.4 Literary Criticism and theory Ms.S.S.Kendale 6b4tlze
13 M.A. I 1.5 Indian Writing In English translation Dr.A.A.Kadam h55ogrt
14 M.A. I English Literature 1798 to present Ms.S. K. Aher Ymge35k
15 M.A. I 1.6 Research Methodology Dr. Pranali M. Jadhav qnn6gm7
16 M.A. I English Literature 1550 to 1798 MS.S.S.Kendale 6fvegw
17 M.A. II 3.1 Indian Writing in English Literature Dr. Pranali M. Jadhav 4tmeuua
18 M.A. II 3.5/4.5Academic Ms.S S.Kendale 365hh3y
19 M.A. II Indian Writing in English Ms.A.A.Kadam 4epzg5k
20 M.A. II Indian Writing in English Ms.A.A.Kadam qzm53vj
21 M.A. II American Literature MS.S.S.Kendale l3bh2of
22 MA II3 3.6/4.6American Literature Ms.S. S.Kendale xcbibx5
23 MA II 3 3.8/4.8World literature in English Dr.P. M. Jadhav 7m6xg3s
24 B.Voc Sericulture, Sustainable Agriculture and D.M.L.T. Ms.A.A.Kadam h3qnqvm