Criterion-III : Key Indicators 


3.1 Resource Mobilization for Research

3.1.1. Grants received from Government and non-governmental agencies for research projects

3.2 Innovation Ecosystem

3.2.1 Ecosystem for innovations and initiatives for creation and transfer of knowledge

3.2.2 Number of workshops/seminars/conferences on Research Methodology, IPR and entrepreneurship

conducted during the last five years

Year 2021-22

  1. Research Project Methodology And Scientific Writing
  2. Confectionery Workshop
  3. Workshop on Super Food Spirulina
  4. Bakery Workshop
  5. Opportunities for skill oriented employment in Rural Development
  6. Online Workshop on ‘Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Patents and Design Filing’

Year 2020-21

  1. National level webinar on Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs)
  2. Workshop on Features of Google Scholar

Year 2019-20

  1. Workshop- LED,TV Repairing
  2. Workshop-Electrical Wiring
  3. Workshop- AC, Refrigerator, Washing Machine
  4. Workshop on Research projects and funding agencies for College teachers
  5. Workshop-Computer Hardware Awareness
  6. Workshop- Electrical Appliances

Year 2018-19

  1. State Level Seminar on Recent Trends in Business Practices with Developing Economy
  2. Job placement training program
  3. Employability enhancement and youth livelihood program

Year 2017-18

  1. Web Design and Development
  2. National Level Seminar on Recent Trends and emerging issues in Business,management and taxation
  3. Yoga Certificate Course
  4. Joomala Framework
  5. Career opportunities in Web Designing and Development
  6. Career Opportunities in USA for Comp Science
  7. Latest framework and future opportunities in IT
  8. Career Development

3.3 Research Publication and Awards

3.3.1. Number of research papers published during the last five years

3.3.2. Number of books and chapters published and papers published conference proceedings

3.4 Extension Activities

3.4.1. Extension activities are carried out in the neighborhood community during the last five years.

3.4.2 Awards and recognition received for extension activities from government / government recognised bodies

3.4.3 Number of extension and outreach programs conducted by the institution through NSS/NCC/Red cross/YRC etc., during the last five years

3.5 Collaboration

3.5.1. The number of MoUs, collaborations/linkages during the last five years