Central govt. scholarship for SC/ST/NT students:

Students belonging to Govt. notified SC/ST/NT categories avail his facility. The Director, Social Welfare Department Adivasi Vikas Department Govt. of Maharashtra, gives this Scholarship.

Other Backward Class (OBC) Scholarship:

OBC students having OBC caste certificate from competent authority & income of parents less than 65000/- p.a. are eligible for this Scholarship.

Other Backward Class (OBC) free ship:

All OBC students having OBC caste certificate from competent authority are eligible for this free ship.

Fee Concessions:

Concession in fees for ‘freedom fighters’ wards:

Application is to be sent to the Zilha Parishad Office.

E.B.C. Concession:

This concession is given to the students whose parent’s income is less than Rs.15000/- in previous year. The prescribed forms are available in the college office. Students desirous to apply for this concession should collect the forms from the college office & should submit it before 15th July. Following documents must be attached with EBC concession form

  • Income Certificate
  1. Rural areas (population up to 10,000): Income Certificate should have been attested by member of Zilha Parishad or Panchayat Samiti.
  2. Urban Areas (population more than 10,000): The income certificate must be attested by Executive Magistrate or Tahsildar or Corporator of the Municipal Corporation.
  • Affidavit of the parent (for Rural Areas)     

Concession in fees for ‘Secondary Teachers’ ward:

This fee concession is given to the students whose parents are secondary teachers (either with SSC, D.Ed., or STC). Application prescribed Proforma should be submitted to college before 15th July. College gives all concession fees as per the directions given by the government. Students fulfill this necessary criterion (both educational & economic) are given concession in fees. It is the responsibility of students to fill necessary forms within due dates, to secure acknowledgement & to preserve it for the academic year.

Special Scholarship: –

  • MVP Scholarships are awarded to meritorious students who scored highest marks in annual exam.
  • Meritorious students are admitted at nominal fees.

Student Welfare Schemes:

Accident Insurance policy scheme :

This scheme is governed by NDMVP Samaj Nashik with insurance company. All students admitted to college are eligible for this policy. In case of accident the student gets compensation as below:

  • Rs. 10,000/- on death or disability.
  • Rs. 5000/- for major operation.
  • Rs. 3000/- for incurable disease.
  • Rs. 1000/- in case of disaster.

Student Welfare fund:

  • MVP Samaj:
    Scheme governed by NDMVP Samaj Nashik in all its branches, provides financial support to meritorious economically backward students. It also provides support to Ex-students for further studies abroad. Deserving disabled or blind students are also eligible for getting this help.
  • University:
    Governed by University of Pune. Rs. 2/- deducted at the time of admission. All students are members of fund.

Poor Boys Fund:

Needy and deserving students are provided sets of textbooks. Examination fees are given to very needy & deserving students as aid.

Earn & Learn scheme:

Needy and deserving students desirous to earn while learning in the college are allotted 2 hours work daily in the library or office & paid in cash.

N.B.: Circulars & notices regarding all above scholarships, fee concessions & various student welfare schemes are displayed on the notice boards from time to time. Students must read them carefully for necessary information & due date of the same.

Schemes of University of Pune under Students Welfare Board:

  • Earn & Learn
  • Special Guidance Scheme
  • Nirbhay Kanya Abhiyan
  • Students Safety Insurance Scheme
  • Avishkar