About: Brief introduction about the department

Science Education was the need of the students and the Zoology department is
committed to meeting needs based on the life science discipline. Department-
run courses like UG, PG and B.Voc Diploma in Sericulture. For Solid Waste
Management our department set up the vermicomposting unit on the college
campus. The Department of Zoology use to arrange the study tour for
experimental learning every year. The tours are intending to cover the various
areas of the curriculum like Poultry, Sericulture, Apiculture, Vermiculture,
Fisheries science and Environmental Pollution etc. Generally, study tours are
arranged to visit the places like Nashik, Pune, and Mahabaleshwar, which are
the center of Sericulture, Industrial pollution, River pollution (Godavari River),
Bee Keeping, Poultry, Fisheries and Vermiculture etc. Year-wise study tour
reports are collected from the students. A vermiculture bed is prepared in the
college campus. The students of the department have prepared the vermiculture
bed. This activity helps the student, which is having Agriculture Background,
understand the technique of Vermiculture and the importance of Vermiculture.
Along with regular lectures and practicals, our department also takes efforts for
slow learners. To inculcate a research attitude we also promote our students for
maximum participation in Avishkar at the state level as well as in science
exhibitions at the college level. Mr. R.B.Patil guided to the students of
S.Y.BSc. for their projects under Environmental Awareness. On the occasion of
Sparrow Day our M.Sc. Student Mr. Mukesh Ahire got first prize in the poster
competition at ASC College Dindori and Ms. Neha Rawate participated in
different activities under ‘Yuva Saptah’ and got First prize in the poster

presentation on ‘Save Sparrow and save nature’. T.Y.B.Sc. Student Neha Jagtap
participated in Drama ‘Sukhant’ at Pune. She was awarded by Trophy and
certificate for the ‘Best Actress’. In order to develop Confidence and
personality we promote our student’s participation in the Soft Skill
Development program. Our Department Faculty members are also updated with
current knowledge and research. Mr. R. B. Patil Ms P.B.Khapre and Mr. P. S.
Sonawane registered for Ph.D. Dr. Mayura Patil awarded as ‘Women
Researcher Award’ by INSO Chennai, India. All Faculty Members completed
Faculty Development Program and workshops on ICT based teaching and
learning methods.

Objectives of the department

 To provide an opportunity for realizing one's potential through practical experience.
 To develop interpersonal skills and adopt good leadership behavior for
the empowerment of self and others.
 To develop entrepreneurial skills as it is incorporated into their learning
process like vermicomposting, apiculture and ornamental fish keeping
that equips the students to become self-employed and to generate
 Teamwork and individual efforts are encouraged among students, making
them competent for workplace challenges.
 To make the students proficient in the various aspects of animal forms
like their structure, functions, inheritance and reproduction, animal
diversity, environmental studies and evolution.