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Literacy and sex ratio analysis for sustainable development goals of gender equality- a case study of Nashik Municipal Corporation, Maharashtra.

Dnyaneshwar N. Pawar Joytikiran International Publication Volume II March 2022. International ISBN 9788195384785


Land Use and Land Cover Change in The Chandwad Tahsil Of Nashik,

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Linkages Between Sinuosity Index and Flood Sustainability: A Study of Morna River (Maharashtra),

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Evaluation and scientific value of geomorphosite for geotourism development- A case study of Anjaneri hills, Tryambakeshwar Tahsil, Maharashtra.

Dnyaneshwar N. Pawar and Vasant B. Boraste Akshar Wangmay, International research journal volume no -1 July, 2021 International ISSN-2229-4929


Analysis of Magnitude and Frequency of Floods in the Damanganga Basin: Western India.Hydrospatial Analysis

Anwat V.K., Hire P.S., Pawar U.V., Gunjal R.P Gatha publication vol-5 Feb 2021 National ISSN -2582-2969


Impact of Heavy Metals in Riverine and Estuarine Environment

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Application of Geoinformatics in the Estimation of Denudation– A Case Study of Modhale Watershed

Dnyaneshwar N. Pawar Research & Development Special Issue 11, Volume-6 February 2021 International ISSN: 2230-9578


Use of Geoinformatics in Surface Runoff based Water Conservation Measures of Sinhagad Valley, Western Maharashtra

Dnyaneshwar N. Pawar Doga Rangsang Research Society, Perfect Imagers publisher Guwahati Vol-10 Issue- 7 July 2020 International ISSN- 2347-7180


Devsane (Manjarpada ) jalvyavasthapanacha aadarsha Prakalpa

PratimaVitthal Sonawane, Dr. R.B.Kotalwar Current Global Reviewer Vol.I December 2019 International ISSN 2319-8648


Application of Computer based techniques in Geomorphology.

Dnyaneshwar N. Pawar International Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews (IJRAR) Vol-6 Jan., 2019 International ISSN 2349 -5138. E-ISSN 2348 -1269


Application of Geoinformatics in Soil-Site Suitability Assessment for Grape Cultivation-A Case study of Village Haste Dumala, Nashik

Dnyaneshwar N. Pawar and Bhagyshree Tatar International E- research Journey Peer refereed & Indexed Journal Special issue 100 Jan 2019 International ISSN-2348-7143


Temporal Analysis of Vegetation by Vegetation Indices from Multi Dates Satellite Images: Application to Dindori Tahasil, Nashik District, Maharashtra

S. R. Nikam& D. S. Gajhans Swatidhan International Publication Special issue 100 Jan 2019 International ISSN



Geoinformatics Based Delineation of Erosion Prone Areas and Estimation of cut volume of watersheds for prioritization conservation planning.

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Application of Geoinformatics in village level terrain Information System- A Case Study of village Kachurli, Trimbakeshwar Tahsil, Maharashtra

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Estimation spatial variation of wast land using Remote Sensing Data- A Study of Ojarkhed Reservior Catchment, North Maharashtra,

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Spatial Analysis of Under of Children in tribal Region Nashik District

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An Examination of Child malnutrition and mortality in tribal area: A case study of tribal tehsils of Nashik District

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A Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Agewise Child Mortality in Tribal Tehsils of Nashik District.

Dr. N. U Rathod Research Journey Multidiscipli nary International E-Research Journal, Peer Refereed & Indexed Journal, Vol.6 Issue – 3 2019 International E-ISSN – 2348-7143