The Students Development council, S.P. Pune University sponsored Karmaverr Bhaurao Patil  Earn & Learn Scheme has been implemented in our college .

Objectives of Earn & Learn Scheme:-

1) Financial support to poor, needy & honest students for their higher education while studying in the college.

2) Each student is assigned particular work in the college premises for a stipulated time and paid as per University rules.

3) To highlight the dignity of physical labour.

4) To motivate the students towards self-help & self–employment.

5) To give the work experience in the various areas of college functioning i.e. Laboratory work, library work, Office work, Gardening etc. This experience would be beneficial for future employment.

6) Inculcation of work culture among the students.

7) To motive the students for computer literacy & social problems like AIDS awareness, Dowry & Superstition eradication, Adult education, etc.

This scheme was implemented after approval by the student welfare council of the S. P. Pune University  letter No.: 262/2018-19 Dated 31/07/ 2018.  The S.P.Pune University  has taken three important decisions for the benefit of Earn & Learn Students,

1)The University has sanctioned the scheme for the academic year 2018 – 2019.

2)Per hour rates have been revised is Rs.45/-From February 2019.

3) Total budget is Rs. 2,69,730/- Out of which the University will pay 90% of the amount for all category students, and 10% amount would be borne by the college

In this year 67 students responded to the notice of the scheme, out of which 60 students were selected on the basis of their family background, need & honesty. All 67 students were interview on 25th June 2018 at 11.00 A.M. in the department of Botany by the Selection committee.

The Selection Committee members of Earn and Learn scheme:-

  1. President                                    :-Prin. Dr. Jyotsana. D. Sonkhaskar
  2. Management Representative :-Shri. Nanasaheb Mahale
  3. Student welfare officer            :- Prof. Kokate Darshan Madhukar
  4. Staff Member (Ladies)             :-Prof. Smt. M. S. Girase
  5. Staff Member (Gents)              :-Prof. S. T. Ghule
  6. Non-teaching Staff member   :-Shri. S. A. Gangurde
  7. Students Representative          :-Mrs. Datir Priyanka Shamrao

 Name of Selected Students:-


Sr.No Student Of The Name Class Caste Working Places Account     No
1 Aher   Harshada  Dilip F.Y.B.Com Open Office 52882010012991
2 Anavkar  Akanksha Avinash S.Y.B.Com OBC Office 52882200025139
3 Bagul  Roshani  Sanjay F.Y.B.Com OBC Office 52882200035889
4 Bhadange Shiva Dilip S.Y.B.A NT-D Garden 52882210055205
5 Binnar  Nikita  Pandharinath S.Y.B.Sc NT Library 52882200024570
6 Birari Pooja Sunil F.Y.B.Com OBC Library 52882250000054
7 Chaudhari  Pooja  Shantaram F.Y.B.Com ST Physics 52882210060416
8 Dashpute Yogita Ramesh F.Y.B.Com OBC English 52882310000791
9 Datir Priyanka Shamrao M.A Open Botany 52882200022669
10 Dhangar  Snehal Sunil T.Y.B.Com NT-B Geography 52882210050041
11 Galande  Yogita  Vitthal S.Y.B.Com OBC Gymkhana 52882310006436
12 Gulve Dipali Ashok S.Y.B.Com OBC Library 52882210058138
13 Gunjal  Yogita  Narayan S.Y.B.Com Open Chemistry 52882210011797
14 Gupta Pooja Pradip M.A OPEN Library 52882010011016
15 Hanwate  Vinod Nivruti M.A. II SC Garden 52882200010870
16 Jadhav Gayatri  Rajendra T.Y.B.Com open computer Sci. 52882200035928
17 Jamadar  Sayali  Prakasha F.Y.B.Sc Open Library 52882200035932
18 Jamadhade  Aakash Sunil M.Sc -II OBC Library 52882200035966
19 Kasav Rohini Annasaheb T.Y.B.A Open Economics 52882200031674
20 Khairanar Sayali Kishor M.A. OBC Chemistry 52882210039713
21 Kharote Renuka Vijay S.Y.B.Com OBC Library 52882210060454
22 Lokhande Gayatri Subhash F.Y.B.Com OBC Microbiology. 52882210060546
23 Mor  Vaishnavi  Naresh S.Y.B.Com OBC Commerce 52882210050510
24 Mutadak Yogita Dhondiram F.Y.B.Com NT-D Chemistry 52882200035542
25 Navale Yogita Gokul T.Y.B.Com Open Microbiology. 52882310007775
26 Nikam  Meghavati  Vijay S.Y.B.Com OBC Library 52882200023173
27 Nikam Sonal Sanjay S.Y.B.Com OPEN Marathi 52882310007254
28 Patil Kavita  Poonam F.Y.B.Com Open Hindi 52882210069205
29 Pomnar  Kajal Subhash T.Y.B.Com NT-C Zoology 52882210069354
30 Sagar  Pooja  Lahanu S.Y.B.Com OBC Computer 52882200007610
31 Salve  Ashwini Ramnath T.Y.B.A SC Library 5282210050259
32 Shaikh  Heena Fakir S.Y.B.A Open Office 52882210069109
33 Shirsath Shweta Pandharinath F.Y.B.Com OBC Library 52882200026463
34 Sonar  Kirti Suresh T.Y.B.Com OBC Geography 52882200007831
35 Sonawane  Suvarna  Arjun S.Y.B.A NT-B Office 52882200008457
36 Sonawane  Vivek Vanji S.Y.B.Sc OBC Library 52882010012784
37 Vanjare  Vilas Atmaram S.Y.B.Sc SC Library 52882210068348
38 Viswakrma Suman Dhupai MA-I Open Library 52882200022750
39 Wagh Vaishali Kashinath T.Y.Bcom OBC Exam 52882210052681
40 Wani  Harshali  Arun S.Y.B.Com OBC Office 52882010012972
41 Bopche  Sima  Kunjilal M.Sc.I Open B.VOC 52882200036152
42 Sonawane  Aprna .J T.Y.B.A OBC Office 52882200019895
43 Deshmukh  Ashwini Rajendra S.Y.B.A OBC Physics 52882210069281
44 Shirsath Shubhangi  Pandharinath T.Y.B.Com OBC Library 52882200018257
45 Gavali  VaiShali Baughter T.Y.B.Com ST Office 52882210052064
46 Pasad  Priya Indradeo S.Y.B.Com SC Commerce 52882210052267
47 Salunke Maya Vishnu F.Y.B. ST Library 52882250007655
48 Nikam  Sonali Rajandra S.Y.B.A Open Micro 52882200031940
49 Bhardwaj  Nandini Yogesh S.Y.B.Com OPEN ECO 52882210061008
50 Balkawade Varsha .G F.Y.B.VOC Open B.VOC 52882250007954
51 Gavhane  Pratibha.  R F.Y.B.VOC Open B.VOC 52882250007693